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Monday, October 04, 2004


pls give me a space to hear! so that I can formulate what was never thought. Now, if, who know, you guys are under the mellifluous impression of their music or know of the uneven dexterity on the strings, then dear you are living with the sparse information and in the un-real world. If, yesterday, you were be in the "ruth eckerd hall - clearwater, tampa", you would have realized how the imagination and dreams take leaps and bounds. Try to vizualize an eco friendly hall with >10,000 watts of digital music, with shredding of the strings, beating of the drums and dumbfounding aria of lights. Here, we start the unofficial junket to the real world.

G3 Live in Concert. Now this you would call the handshake of the music and noise. Imagine, we (my boss and I) sitting, just 10 meters from the dias, infront of the gods of music, with a little insinuation of what 's gonna happen.

And, here comes Yngwie Malmsteen--never heard of this guy--this guy can, really, make you feel that Hell has given you only one life to enjoy, so why not follow it a Hell's way? I tell you what, this guy is best in the genre in breaking stings Ahhh.. treating the guitar as if it were the "soup in the bowl". No Mercy. His' is kind of influenced by the european melodies--if you call that a melody--and the typical un-understandable lyrics. I enjoyed the shoutings because I expected the same to happen. No lengthy eulogies, but yeah, you can say that he has good control over what he does.

Now, here 's the awakening, Steve Vai, the Guitar God. This guy is just too similar of what we have seen in the videos (remember the animal song--this is for hemi), here you 'll see the uncaged animals running all-over the place and growling to the utmost pitch--one can ever imagine. One dream of the life--to see Vai--has met it's end, but I, really, don't want to see this guy in this form. It's ok if he stays the way he stays in my CDs. But if you really want to get the feel of what a guitar can actually do, then, you should have been there. The Fire Garden tribute does actually came in and was just too good. With typical Vai's acts on the stage and enthralling movements in, we couldn't think of anything but realize that, sure, there is something above the captivity of your own world.

And the wait is over, here he is, Joe Satriani. First, I had difficulty recognizing this guy, but once he started with his weapon there was no doubt. Not even a spec of it. Looks like a common next door guy with un-common abilities to rock you to the bottom. Jump over it guys, we have seen Joe Satriani--lively and dancing. He rocked from "Strange Beautiful Music" to "Flying in a Blue Dream". It was never too strange to me, but my boss was out of his mind...and anyone else would be. The music that even a ballast can't stabilize, how a poor mind can? What we could have done, is to get fully drunk and forget what's flowing over the head. But, that too wouldn't have worked much infront of the un-relented agility of the Bald "Sat-Ri-Ani" guy.

And the craziest thing that we did was to stay for the Jam G3 did at the end..hmm..not even a single word for it. It was just too heavenly, and I have no inclination towards going to heaven. Atleast, not this early!


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