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Monday, October 04, 2004

A Feeling

A Feeling

had some alien feeling with the first ray;
felt like missing something by the side;
wishing for that voice to hit the cord;
to make the beat rise up aboard.

missing what you said on the door;
the smile with the feet on the floor;
missing the smile on the sky;
like a bird that can't fly.

never had the feeling before;

skipped a beat onto a thought;
nothing is coming that I can resist;
fear inside become hard from the mist.

can't I dream for what I believe;

do we always need to follow the eve;
do I always need to listen;
for the one, for whom nothing has done.

want to propitiate the burning heart;

not for a moment but to make you a part;
soak the eyes that got dry;
give your hand,I 'll make you fly.


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