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Monday, October 04, 2004

For The First Time

For The First Time

its a hot tuesday morning in april;
bubbles bursting near to the heart;
know not how to say a word;
how to make the one realize.

started off with a light note;

not a clue how to quote a thought;
don't know how to express;
never want that feeling to supress.

not an idea what 's that side;

but, need to express what 's inside;
sometime feel to let it go;
but, that 'll make my heart overflow.

said, duress your heart and let her know;

don't let the feeling just flow;
to my surprise my hand was hold;
for the feeling that was never told.

want to share the moment with you;

yearning to hear everything from you;
smiling inside the whole day long;
can see you cry with the tears along.


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