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notebook transformation

Monday, October 04, 2004



to a one who never got the desired

felt a gust on the side;
undulating emotions along the tide;
with a word in my mind;
looking at you with the stoned eyes.

sitting on the edge of sweet emotion;
longing to see a pearl in the eye;
a wave on the cheek, a drop on the lip;
zephyr from inside coming unto me.

can't resist to have a gaze;
a touch can set the feeling ablaze;
beautiful moment can't just go;
give a hand to make it flow.

feel the breath on the skin;
me and you looking akin;
feels like some hundred dreams;
by the side of you to feel you kneel.

never had a feeling before;
to have someone more than the more;
the sigh inside yearning to hear;
is this love; is this love.


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