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Friday, February 18, 2005

Visit to Yale

Finally, I am done with my interview and rest of the process at Yale. I understand that most of the people consider Yale as a back-up, but, candidly, this school provides best of the resources that an MBA needs. You get good brand name; you get proximity to NY; Consulting firms consider Yale 'the one to go for' - well! if you are looking at consulting as your career; you get unmatched resources at the Yale university. But, then you ask 'what exactly do I need?'.

I have had two interviews and visits, now I can have unbiased view in comparing the goods and the bads of the schools.

a) Darden's students and professors are really proud of their School. They just don't want to compare Darden with any other. For them, it's the best in the whole world - ah! it certainly is. In comparison, Yale students have kinda defending attitude. I guess, that is b/c of its comparatively newly founded MBA degree.

b) Darden has gorgeous campus - it is in a hilly area, thus the natural beauty adds to the facade of the building. Yale is on the campus of the university and is in the middle of the busy world. So, if you like to have a serene environment for study, Yale is not for you. But proximity to NY will surpass any pleasure :)

c) Darden encourages IT freaks to take their skills to the class - I mean only their notebook PCs. Yale discourages the use of notebookss as they may be distracting to others (on the back seats). Oh well! why should somebody be surfing the net in the class, that too after paying $70,000 in tuition?

d) Yale has a comparatively small class size with some having non-profit interest, thus you will have more opportunities to spread your wings and showcase your abilities. Darden too has a small class size, but not everyone can be an active part of the case study curriculum. It has already been said everywhere, but again, please don't choose case study just for the heck of it. See if you fit.

e) My impression (and research) on Yale's professors tells me that the professors are more research oriented. They are trying to change the basic philosophy of business world and the business strategies and ethics are designed - 'Ethical Organization' and all. Darden strenghtens you on the existing business norms and cultures. - rest is your effort - Oh! Probably, that what I will need in my whole life time.

f) Leadership forums are the best at Yale. Where else would you get a chance to meet with these leaders? Darden too provides the access to it, but in my opinion, it is limited.

Lets talk something about my tour of Yale in general. I, actually, was expecting SOM to be a big campus-wide building, but it turned out to be miniscule compared to the image I had. Furthermore, the AdCom office and the cafeteria are disjointed from the main campus building. It gives you a feel of living in a big city, so if you are the one who evades city life, then give it a second thought if you are considering Yale. As it is in the university, this place is full of students. When on the road you will figure out what identity-theft actually means. One thing that I liked was SOM's glass peek-a-boo kinda lecture rooms. A side-walker can easily take a peek into the class and make a good deal of impression about the class/lecture. Some people might find this intruding, but I found that interesting. I am kinda weird, I know. The school also has glass-backed rooms where you can hang-out and discuss or rest after the lecture.

It doesn't seem like that Yale(ees) like to study in groups, it is more like an individual performance tussle, or, probably I got that kinda impression. One good thing about living in the middle of a city is that you don't need to buy a car. This would come out to be a huge saving - atleast for me, it will. Being closer to NY, you can attend numerous conferences, which you might miss living afar from the place you think you gonna work at. This is a huge advantage of being a Yale(ee). Further, who can deny the brand existence of Yale.

Anyway, I am off to Cornell (Johnson) now; will wait and see where I finally land.

ISB is on 19th; Tepper on 21st


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