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Saturday, December 25, 2004

mba yellows

it 's been a nice day today; it was drizzling the whole day long with a mild chill in the weather. it was a gorgeous faded look outside my 6x7 feet window - it felt like that spring is already there. but I had to sit infront of the window with MS-word gazing at me to formulate the strategy to churn down a bit of Cornell's essay, and think something tangible about my life for the Darden's life-story essay.

It seems difficult to judge what matters the most in life when you look down the paths you crossed while treading the way till here. for God sake, everything I did was some way important and has shaped me the way I am. isn't that inane to compare one life event to other just to say "oh well" you were better than that one... but, i think if this will not make me a good MBA candidate, it will surely make me a perfect applicaant for an editor's job in a B grade hollywood movie.

in any case, I have no regrets. I have been thinking alot about the things I have achieved, I have screwed and I have missed to think over in my life and that is actually having a feel-good-factor on me. wow! I did so much positive in my life, ah! I have so much to achieve in my life. In a way it is giving me a purpose to step further in getting an MBA. I can't thank the admission committee more on leading me to such an arduous task and still making me feel good about what I am doing.

but anyway, because of all this mental-feedback sessions I am missing a worry free sip of mocha at a local starbucks cafe'. missing that idiot who always park his big truck on the parting line at the parking lot. I wonder how these guys get to pass the driving test. ever wonder why these guys in those big trucks never yield while coming onto your path? get in one of those trucks and you will know...

back to work: thinking about Stern essays and the best time when I can visit the school to get more about it.

life goes on...


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