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Sunday, January 23, 2005

nanotechnology - i am astonished

am I going nuts, or is science pulling in the exteremes? does our future, really, hold nanotechnology?

It's a question to which only the future can provide the answer. The human race to reverse the nature's laws, or mould them, has surpasses any known revolution or evolution on earth. Does the ultimate cure to all the diseases lies in *nanotechnology*?

The push to this comes from we human's curiosity to delve into wild human thoughts. From the Newton's to the Star Wars era, we always tried to replicate the thoughts into reality. The idea of saucers came from the movies and became a legend-never-explored. And the very idea of a device digging into the human body and curing a disease - as deadly as cancer - before its onset, led to a research in nano-technology.

Idea is to build nano-robots, which will act as a sentry and guard smallest building blocks from foreign attack of virus/bacteria and the likes. NanoRobots in millions will be injected in human body through capsules or syringe injections and will make their way with the white and red blood cells - with and ability to do much more than natural blood cells. These robots may dig into a molecule and protect it 24/7. But, who is going to build these nano-robots - diameter may vary from 0.5 micron to 3 microns? How we gonna make sure that we have made a fail-proof robot?

The basic will be based on making a queen robot and giving it the authority to guide other robots to come and fight the intruder. The queen robot may get the commands from an external device or a doctor and vice-versa. Can the things fails as they did in i-Robot? The time will tell. It will be like an ants mound where the breeding ant gives the command to the army of millions of ants. Scientists have taken inspirations from smallest of the natural phenomenon to divulge a man-made restoration over it.

So how these nano-robots will be powered? I guess, solar cells :o) but the scientists beg to differ.

These nanorobots will have the ability to take control of body's intricate tasks such as respiration. They wil carry the O2 and CO2 sensors and depending on the need of a cell these nanorobots will release or absorb O2. Consider this: What if you added 1 liter of respirocytes (nano-robot) into your bloodstream, the maximum that could possibly be safe? You could then hold your breath for nearly 4 hours if sitting quietly at the bottom of a swimming pool. Or if you were sprinting at top speed, you could run for at least 15 minutes before you had to take a breath! (© Copyright 1998, Robert A. Freitas Jr.)

Who will guide the laws of human natural strengths? How much fun will football be? Will tennis rise upto 20 setters? Scary! but our next generations will exprience this one-on-one. I am certain.

Towards the hindsight, most of the third world countries rely on Karma, Veda, Meditation and the likes to strenghten the immune system. And in the journey leaving all the bad habits known to the human being. The research towards touching the extreme will further broaden the gaps b/w the Occident and the Orient. Will these civilizations be a part of conquering the common goal of healthy and rich human life? Will all the countries dive in to support the nano-research for common good? I hope somebody will answer this sometime.

Or has this already been researched and developed on some other living planet in a distant galaxy and we earth-dwellers are just trying to re-invent the wheel (well, nano-wheel)?

some examples are excerpts from www.foresight.org © Copyright 1998, Robert A. Freitas Jr.

I am amazed by this developement and gonna research more on this... lets see where we end up. Till then, explorations prevails.


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