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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yanni' ing

it's been couple of days, but I still couldn't contemplate the thought that why should one go and watch Yanni in-Concert. I am not able to bring forth one good reason as to why this guy is a prolific musician. I may need to borrow someone else's vision to give Yanni a serious consideration because there is nothing good that I can find in this person. Is he a great musician - I don't conceive so; Is he a great composer - I would doubt my musical instincts; Does he look good - only a gay can answer. But he sure does look funny on the stage - goodness, I am not in a comic show.

Possibly, I have become so narrow minded that I couldn't conceive a thought that these kinda people can do any good to music. But this again is controversial. It 's onto you as to what you like and what you do to your thinking. Personally, it doesn't sound musical that you bring 1000s of instruments and yap them together for the audience who don't even introspect their thoughts. Partially because they want to get the fullest of the amount they have spent (to buy the ticket) and partially to succumb the battle between their mellifluous instincts and sensibility. And by the time the battle finishes, it would have been all over.

But it will never stop poking you whether last 3 hours of exile in senseless-ibility [sic] was actually worth. Then you think that it would have been better if you had gone to an African Safari and had experienced the agony face-to-face. And, my friend, this would keep nailing me till I get a nail in my bed. There is a saying that 'if you can't love everybody, you can't sell anybody'; I would rather lie in loss then loving or selling this music. Call me improvident, but I would stay happy in my short-sighted, illogically small self-made casket.

whatever you think, I am still Yanni'ing.



  • Yawning in Yanni-in concert - conceivable from a rock fan like you!
    But Yawning in Steve Vai's?
    Neither getting acrid...Nor Kidding...Jus stating :)

    By the way, its another kinda "Is Aishwarya Rai worth it?" arguement. "Every person unto his/her little cubby hole, opinions and prejudices".

    By Anonymous Sahana, at 4:48 PM  

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