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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Insanity - random thoughts

some things that come in mind when the clock rolls over to the new era. here are a couple random'iese.

1. buy a submerged island along the andaman 'n nicobar coast. this may help setting up new jobs for the fishermen and provide rising opportunities.
2. save the cows - kill more chicken. but one way or other you are killing the beast; try to spare both.
3. as more villagers are heading towards city life and jobs, buy cheap - $wise - land in the village and start thinking of a distinct business opportunity.
4. start looking for the bride, or whatever, doomsday to swell in next 6 years. predictions made after the tragic Tsunami disaster.
5. wash out pakistan and convert it into India's dumping ground. This one was quite weird, but, surely, this will help clean up Indian dirty streets - may not people.
6. (5) will alter the beautiful map of India, so better leave pakistan off the map & just leave it as a dumping ground.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The conclusion: If at first and second and third you don’t succeed, try something else.

1. so, if you are not moving up the corporate ladder, and nothing seems moving, should you kill your boss or break his rung?
2. should eyes from the unknowns - died during tsunami disaster - be transplanted to the livings? it would be a help to the blind population, not a disgrace to the dead.
3. will ash be donating her eyes after death? or, will her family be concealing her death's news so as to evade acceptors from the eye institution?
4. did Lord Hanuman really traveled at 500m/h from sri lanka to himalayas and back to save Laxman's life? guess what, Indian mythological characters have beaten all the latest science inventions?
5. Siva's second son came from the temples of south India - Lord Murugan who was always competitive with Lord Ganesh, probably, in getting lead in gaining their parent's affection.

Ganesha - the most intelligent
Murugan - the fastest

guess, who will win in the end :o)


what would have been the structure if mahabharata had been composed in the 21st century? here are some variations that would have occured:

1. Lord Krishna would have known as Kris, and with his charming personality he would have been famous among young ladies.
2. Kris would have known as a productive leader and an effective manager and not as a Lord. After all he made Arjun fight against his own family. Who else except a great leader can lead the team of blind followers.
3. Kris would have been called a shrewd manager; Arjun and Duryodhana went to seek Kris' help in the war, nevertheless Duryodhana reached Kris' place earlier, Kris gave Arjun the opportunity to bespeak.


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