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Friday, May 19, 2006

the ripple effect

in India, movies go beyond the movie halls and find a place in our daily chores, and the attitude we carry. they surely pronounce the thoughts more aggressively and vividly. one might argue that the recent protest against the reservation proposition is a direct effect of Rang De Basanti. it might be so. but is it true that doctors and students are making a cause of a benign intention?

if you compare, you might notice that RDB and the recent fiasco have a same plot, but with a small exception. a politician agitates a group with his baseless theories, sticks to his stand, tries to shy away from the movement, orders action against the protest, and finally gets killed. the last part has yet to happen. but do we realize that how many more lives are at stake, and how this is affecting youth's faith in the government?

but who's getting infamous here? is it the politician, or the doctors, or the movie? i can't answer that, but can tell it for sure that if it comes to voting to arjun singh, he won't get young generation's votes. atleast, not of the general-class population. but if we go deep into it, we will realize that it is not just affecting weeks services in the hospitals, a generation's perception, but educated class' ability to think good for the country. what you see today is that atleast 30 days a year goes in protesting against government's shitty policies.

what i feel is that it is not a backdrop of RDB, and not a protest against some sensless proposition, but a protest against Indian's dogmatic beliefs and against the-hell-i-care attitude. it is not against any government personnel or a sect, but against every Indian who dont' see beyond oneself and the ones who can go to any length without even realizing how many got affected in a wake.

btw, tomorrow there is a silent rally in Pune to support the doctors who are protesting against this reservations act.


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