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Thursday, December 29, 2005

What plan do you have?

What do you plan to do this New Year’s Eve? This is an ever probing question that haunts most of us – evidently, just two days before the big day. By this time all of the clubs and pubs would have over-booked their repertoires and you will have no other go but to plan something on your own. Essentially, because you don’t want to carry a sorry face around, suggesting that, yeah! I screwed-up again. Well! I am no different, but I, certainly, have some plans and suggestions that may help.

D’abord, you can reserve a beachside bungalow, which has a nice, small bar and that can fit four or five of your close friends. Just sit, talk and share (well, drink) for the whole night and welcome the New Year’s dawn sitting with someone you care. A sauna would add an extra touch of luxury – believe me, you don’t wanna miss that.

Or, call your nearest Adventure Sports’ agent and book for a camping site and call-in some of your close friends and plead them to cancel all their plans and join you at the open-air grill and bon-fire. I believe this proves to be the best of all; you can shed all the worries and tensions of the foregone year.

Or, just call your roadside pub, and beg the owner to let you in; pay some extra cash – that never hurts. I am gonna do the same, I guess. Shake a leg with and sing some old forgotten song, just to remind yourself that you still like to enjoy life.

Or, in case, you don’t see anything working out, call one of your very good friends and talk about all that your both did together; how you both met; what all did you share – you can share that again J; you can also have a toast over the phone. And don’t, don’t, think of the long distance phone bill.

Well, (s)he should also be in your situation as yours J

Or, if nothing suits your taste, you can just sit in front of the idiot-box and enjoy being a bigot.

Bonne Annee.


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