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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


too many opinions, too many hand-outs, so many features, so many pictures; can we really believe what we believe? there are just too many opinions around that it is difficult or rather horredous to bring forth your opinion. but, why someone keep an opinion about someone else? is that what we are put up with? I guess, this is the natural to get on to an opinion about a position that one can't achieve oneself. this seems the trick of the fickel human nature. either one hates someone or adores someone. people seem opinionated with their beliefs. there seems nothing that one can be called 'neutral'.

why should you not like someone just for the reason that she seem un-reachable? ah! think, now I am coming to the point. why should you call her an obstinate, conceit, vainglory or anything for that matter without knowing what she really is? my belief is that the silver screen makes people dream which they can't fulfill and makes them hold disjointed feeling.

rather, a different point of view is that one has her own way of living. she is good in her own means; she feel proud about what she is and what she has achieved. set aside what she flaunt and what she bring forth to the public, you will see she is one beautiful person who can, in my terms, change the way one look at the world.


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