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Sunday, May 21, 2006

and then she lost her virginity

ah! my car, btw.

Have you ever got a feeling that something is going to happen and there is little you can do about it? Did some cues ever try to warn you and make you presage about what's coming next? Did you ever try to read into those premonitions and act for it? In this case, I didn't.

Yesterday, for some reason, it struck my mind how would it be to hit heads-on with a speeding vehicle. I gave no care whatsoever that could have meant. And this is the first time that this happened with me. Weird, huh! And then you realize that some things are meant to happen and any effort to avert those wouldn't lead you anywhere. I can't say whether this attitude is right, but yes, I would have paid dearly beacuse of this.

It happened this morning, I got up a little late, had a light break-fast, read a little from the Economic Times, and then thought of going to the anti-reservation rally at the University Square. On normal days, I wouldn't have gathered enough strength to leave a cozy bed, newspaper and music for something that I am not even sure of the schedule. But this happened, for one reason, or the other. Then I took the normal route to the University Square, but the road was blocked for some construction work and I had to turn back; still, which I could have avoided, I took the longer route to the square.

And the destiny spoke for herself, I noticed a blue M800 taking the turn the way I did. I followed that car, in my rear view, for quite some time. A Santro Zing showed up in my rear-view and zing'ed away. And again that M800 in my rear-view. It was at some distance as I was rushing towards the square. Then I had to brake at a small turn on the road; usually, I check in the rear-view to gather whether an oldie, a lady is driving the vehicle, or whether it is burnt-down car, which won't stop, however much efforts you put in. But this time, I didn't even notice. Then I heared tyres screeching behind my car, and I realized, fuck, that shouldn't be it.


To my surprise, it was same fuckin' car which was following me from last 4 KMs and banged me where I was least alert. It hit my lady at the bumper and the petrol tank, not very cruely though; my car's Tow-Hook kinda screwed his car's radiator. The other guy's car had taken the majority of the blow. I thought of calling-in the cops, but, then, I didn't have my car papers. Oops! and I moved-on.

So, if I gather the chain of events, this is what happend: I got a pre-warning, I didn't follow it, something led me to drive in the morning, I had to turn back, but still followed my way, noticed beforehand what's going to hit me, didn't follow my own drining instructions, and BANG! And this is how my car lost her virginity after being out for more than 9 months in the market. Good, or Bad, I still love her.

What does this tell me? Should I read, look deep into what I think, or wish for? Does this happen with each one of us? Is there something that's beyond our power of comprehension? Or, should I just take it the way it is and believe that whatever has to happen, will happen? Can I control the events?


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