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Monday, June 19, 2006

I give a damn...

It's funny that whenever I see this logo (of Deccan airlines) I get into a mode of criticizing the advert that made it public. What was the promotion manager thinking when he/she designed this logo? Oh! I got it. In any case, Deccan is not going to pay me much, so why bother. I give a Damn! And that's where this all started and made into the books of cheapest logo of all times.

Alright, I up my hands and I give a Damn to what you say. I think this was the strategy since the inception of the airlines. I mean, whatever the customer feels, any way they suffer, I will just throw my hands up and say hey! I give a Damn. And what else is the best to make your point clear than having your logo sends the message? I see it everywhere, all over the non-existant air and ground crew. My flight is late; Sir, I give a Damn. There is no information about the flights; Sir, I give a Damn. I see that the toilets are not clean; Sir, I give a Damn. I am choking, get me water; give me 10 bucks, or choke to death; Sir, I give a Damn. Someone just puked next to my seat; Sir, I give a Damn, when people give a Damn.

I don't have anything against the airlines, just that it is never on time, the hostess comes and ask 'whether you want to pay 10 bucks for water now, or later?', or you never get to find out whether you are in a wrong flight until you fly over Pune instead of Ahemdabad. And when you find a courage and talk to the just-out-of-sleep airlines professional, you will get a message 'Sir, didn't you notice our logo - it's all over, should I turn around? Sir, you are too stupid to understand. Sir, we throw our hands up and we just give a Damn! (to what you say, what you feel).

And than I thought, at least, they called me Sir. Hell yeah! I give a Damn.


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