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Sunday, May 21, 2006

cast and creed

How far do you think we can take this cast mantra and win the score for us? Is it really too dificult to see and feel the world we live in shed our baseless beliefs and think for the common good? Or is there a perception problem here? Or do we still believe in divide-and-rule policy mastered by the English? I sincerely believe that we haven't learnt anything in last 59 yrs, and still dance to the tunes of politicians who have mastered this art.

Politicians like Arjun Singh know from deep inside that it is easy to stand OBCs and SCs against theso called forward-class and blind their beliefs with glossy future offers. And tha is true to a very large extent. I know that a pecentage of the called backward-class is against this quota philosophy because they understand that it is not in the right spirit. And is not in favor of a growing nation. In all, why do see so much protest against this proposition? Can't the government read the silence, or they want to see an RDB happening?

Emotions apart, in a real world, who would like to go to a doctor or an engineer who you know had got the degree not on the merit basis? Who would like to take a chance, no matter whether there is any such cause? Leave the forward-class aside, who, from the backward-class would put anything to fate or chance when it comes to save something material? I don't see a backward-class person favoring someone from her same class when the question of life or her family comes.

I firmly believe that if this proposition materializes a good part of Indian generation will divide into two sects. Don't you see this happening in the institutes? Will the not-so-merited individuals feel comfortable competing against the best in class? Hey, you see, now the competition has removed some more from the forward-class who were not so classy. And finally, when the private companies are taking stand against this policy, would the not-priveleged get a fine living? Or would it hasten the life of despair for them?

I am not against the uplifting of a certain class, but that can only be done by, what NRN recently said, providing the primary education to the needy. And they will find their way out of the shoddy politics.


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