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Friday, April 25, 2008

Change is the essence...

... and hopefully, this time, it is happening for good. If not, I will make it that way. I am back to where I started. Literally. Chennai has an invisible charm (!) that has made its way into my blood stream. I am back on the sweltering roads of Chennai with a faith of starting it all over again - start of a career and a mid-start of the career. It's gonna be one interesting year ahead and I hope to make it a turning point of my career. And with a few distinguished names taking the lead, I am sure that the missing pieces will fall in place.

What's at stake? I guess everything. My professional career won't be the same once I return; my personal life clings to the edge with a ray of hope. But now, as the pages have turned, I must shed the apprehensions and strengthen the feeling of fulfillment; many promising thoughts help build the faith, but only the time (or relentlessness) will tell what takes charge - we study the past to predict the future. Let's hope some one gets lucky this time.

I know you won't gather much out of this post, but, I assure you that things will get clear as I re-commence on my writing habit over the blog.


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