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Saturday, March 24, 2007

hoo haa India. Aaya India

so the wait is over now; no more sleepless nights; no more baseless discussions during office hours; no more throwing blame on 'The Fantastic 11'. The Indian team is coming home and that 's the truth. It's the time when the saints think that everything stands against them, and they are left stranded in the middle to face the apocalypse. But is it just that? The saints are standing against their own beliefs and diggin them down.

started with a happy note,
glanced sideways with some hope,
turned into a sloppy boat,
come down home, have some dope.

Aaya India:

waiting for the hour to click,
sitting down with an empty wish,
uneasiness that passed the jitters,
nothing but the weary prayer.

rushed down along the road,
many wishing to knock the floor,
zipped passed many in wait,
mind moving with an uneven gait.

ticked down after a minute,
shifting sides to gather the wait,
ecstatic feeling shouting the fear,
and, we started with a formidable spear.

blood rushed through the head,
conflicts rose equate the fear,
prophecy is showing the face,
it's time to end the race.

came down hard on us,
jaded eyes soothe the ire,
impeded the flow of thoughts,
got nothing but the naughts.

turned into a disastrous fillip,
shed tears and take the sip,
you can't do more wrong,
guys, it's time that you come home.

hands down!

Is it just me or is it the 1/6th of the world? hooooo haaaaa Indiaaaaaaa... aayaaaaa Indiaaaaaa... you get it.

& here it goes...
you Made Me Cry, You Told Me Lies
but I Can't Stand To Say Goodbye
mama, I'm Coming Home
i Could Be Right, I Could Be Wrong
hurts So Bad, It's Been So Long
mama, I'm Coming Home...


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