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Friday, July 14, 2006

We Indians come cheap

Despite that fact that The India Factor has terrorized the world over, we Indians come cheap. In real terms. The ideas that affect the generation, the relationship that kills the nation and the need that exploits the beliefs are all make we Indians cheap. From government policies that languish the freedom of speeh (ah! blocked my 'c' already) by blocking the blog contents, to the ever scorned neighbours killing the innocent, to the herd running behind low-end jobs are making Indian context cheap in the India Shining regime.

Whatever resentment the bloggers had against the government inadequacy to control the situation in Bombay, the government didn't have (ethical) authority to block their way out to shout their opinions. It's the India that English would have envisioned, but we have come a long way to rise above these petty ideas and can behave as a reasoned country. However much a government try, the history is a witness, free will and acts come out in open and make their way to the mass of the understanding few. Chinese governement can dictate what people should think, but it can't still hold the free will. Taliban tried, and is trying, the same for years, but still the free will makes its way out; well, not quite often though. We Indians can't think on those lines and surely can't walk in the restricted boundary. The freedom will be misused for sure, but you will always have more on the positive side to make it better.

pakistan for one is really making us believe that we do come cheap. We have tried for decades to calm the situation down, but with no substantial outcome to the process. I firmly believe that deep down our hearts we know that there is no solution to the Kashmir issue because neither side will relent to the want of other. We try just because we need to, to show that we are a peace loving country. For how long will be succumb to uncalled for expectations and live under the shadow of terror? I am certain that till India and pakistan are attached by geographical boundaries, we won't find the resolution to the issue. There could be another aspect of this issue: may be we don't want this issue to be resolved. What else will we have to fight for; it's the inherent aggression that we have to subside one way or the other.

And when we have had swallowed enough of cheapness, there comes "Indians are Cheap" cry from all over the world that I had to throw up to see it myself. Indian IT did make a mark all over the world and made real the Globlization 2.0 (per Tom Friedman) a reality and India did rise above the neutrality to stand on the higher ground, India didn't save herself from the scorns of millions. It's just not the world who is saying that Indians are special (special cheaps?), we (Indians) do feel that we are special (not cheap), but we have taken a long circuitous way to heaven. And, I guess, we expected some (many) raised eyebrows. Probably that was the only one in sight. It surely will take a lot of hard work to shed the global belief that it's cheapness "anywhere you see". Early signs have started to surface. It's just the matter of time now.

So what makes us unique? One thing that I can think of is our ability to rise above the petty politics and government policies and terror and external pressure and present our best to the world and ourselves.


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