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Sunday, July 30, 2006

When I couldn't think it over anymore...

Slap! Slap! it's globalization stupid!

Today, it's everywhere; it's the most potent force that is sweeping Indian streets and minds. From the moment you wake-up to the moment you lie down. It's hitting us every moment in ever different forms you can even imagine. We have started to take it as a part of our daily life and culture that we don't assume that it is not our's. Yes, we have adopted it, and adopted it well. But can we ever deny that it doesn't belong to us? I couldn't.

The moment I cut the engine of my American branded, European styled, Indian assembled Ford Ikon and switching off car's Japanese branded, China made Pioneer car stereo with Korean speakers, I am deep into the waters of Globalization. When I unlock the UK made Yale lock I started to feel the affect of the Globalization. When I take off my European-Indian-made Lee Coopers and Amerian-Indian-made Samsonite back-pack and put them in an Indian made rack I am started to shiver with the affects of Globalization.

What else should I see to realize that it is there? I decided to give myself a tour of my measly furnished house. I got into the room where I keep my clothes; with American Levi's, UK's Pepe's and Lee Cooper's, Reebok, Nike, Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Dockers, BlackBerry lining the rack, I noticed a Canon SLR eyeing from a Samsonite handbag. Boy! I am in midst of something big. Did I ever realize this. No, not even in distant dreams. Then I walked a little more and was hit by the Korean Samsung Refrigerator, which is the only possesion I have in my kitchen.

I was flabbergasted, but I decided to walk a little more in my small 2 bed apartment. I walked into my entertainment-cum-bedroom and noticed a Korean-Indian-made Samsung TV set on the top of the stand that is made keeping American style in mind. Attached to it is a Satellite radio tuner imported from Taiwan and my one nice possesion - A Japanese branded, China made, US bought, Indian import Onkyo music system. I turned and noticed a side table, which is lined with books comprising Teach yourself French, Bono on Bono, omnibus Saki and others, along with the Sony headphones and a Sony digicam, which is cased snugly into a China made camera case. Man! I was thinking, what does this all means? And I really didn't get any answer.

And while sipping a Diet Coke with a Nokia in my hand and leafing through Friedman's 'The World is Flat' I realized that the guy is actually right. We are passing through a zone where the world is turning upside down, in silence, and no one is noticing. May be a few do. It's all about competing in the leveled world and putting in place the best in class and taking advantage of it. The ones who do are on the top of the world and ones who had just realized are sitting on the floor typing on a Japanese branded, well Japanese made, US bought, India imported Sony Vaio notebook while listening to Led Zep on a California designed, China made iPod. It's Globalization at its best.


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