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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Partial night-outs et al.

no real work has started yet; none of the self-defacing perceptions have skipped through the pages of Empirical studies, but the eyes are sore already and the cerebrum is getting cues to search the way towards the comforting bed. time has rolled back a few years and after mid-night deliberations on unwarranted topics have started to regenerate. it's been an interesting turn of events till date; from many dignitaries face-a-face to individuals' ability to put everyone to sleep, last few days have given a good insight into what the falling year will paint.

JCs walked out and Champions have taken the stage, but not without the blood that spilled in the process. perspectives are going wild and clash of cracked heads is leading to an uncompromising fight between the resting and the unyielding. but one thing is for sure, and that is ones own ability to walk the missing line and lead the way - not for anyone else, but oneself. the institution is on her way to standing tall, but inbred bureaucracy of the Indian institution tries to shake the unstable foundation. at this stage, all one can do is to stay focused and be confident about making a mark while shooting in the dark - well! not quite that way; okay, let's discount it with a 60W florescent bulb.

it's time to introspect, to coordinate, to network and to learn the basics with righteous self-respect. i may fall short on meeting all of these, but won't loose the focus - life is at stake. remember! more than that the push to prove myself again is hardest to shake hands with. but am i left with a choice? not really; and to a fledgling extent, i don't want a choice. in all the positive ways, it will be an interesting 1 year away from work and from the soporific turn of the days. it's time to reinvent and reconfigure the mind and the state. the need of the hours is not only learn, but also cast the days to come. good that Veeranam is keeping the heads cool, otherwise the scorching heat would have drained juices out of our veins. i hope to keep the tempo high and keep Veeranam alive for the next 50 weeks. Amen!


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