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Saturday, May 24, 2008

what do i do with this?

there couldn't be a better start of the weekend after a few grueling weeks at the bureaucratic layers of the unbureaucratic institution. it's not with the usual sore eyes trying to find the meaning between the mythical lines of superficial world, but something with relief and content. one level above the forehead knocked down all unyielding barriers and resisted successfully till this moment when the creaks sounded and 'let go' was the wisest call. with Rocky putting me back into the real world where in the hidden hierarchal professional system leveled with the dust and reality bit hard.

with so much happening around the dark corners of time, it's getting difficult to give sufficient to what requires the most. with the unraveled enthusiasm running the veins of the newly formed committee members, with numerous e-mails that require shi(f)t+delete, with my last post hanging high accompanying the sword of Damocles, i pick the phone and call the obvious. murphy's law again proved prudent; your restful moment will always be shaken by the uncalled for event. iris is getting fidgety about the relationship that has settled in the dust of time; i am not opposed to her questioning the causes and reasons, but to the meaning what she is giving to it. i really don't have much to ponder about what's right and i don't have much strength to run it along with testing hours at the institute. who will succumb and to what?

what makes a good manager and what makes a good 'my man'? i am to the agreement that if you run through the defined course, then you know what they want you to know, but if you jump the rail and ride the aligning discourse, you know what you want to know and what is required to be known. personally, i don't want to lead the superficial course, and don't want that tag that along. infosys had been successful in making me a practical manager and i won't like to shed the practicality in favor of superficiality. delve deeper, but don't dig into pages of the past. live in the present, think about the future, shoot at the past and smile to life. it seems easier to do than it actually is; well! may be a lot difficult for the X-chromosomes. so, what makes it good - be it in management, or be it being 'man'? a superficial behavior or a deep love?


  • wo wo wo.. I agree with you on this one.. Deep love is what I always wanted not a superficial one.. All I want is my man to sometimes show it to me too :) not asking for much baby.. You are eveything I have and ever wanted in life.. You give me the wings to fly and stretch beyond the limits.. the forbidden limits... Each day makes me feel stronger about the feeling we share. There are and will be obstacles along the path (from past, present or future), but we will hit the road and walk till we reach our destination.. what say?? My Man(the BEST Manager)) :)

    By Blogger Gauri, at 5:31 AM  

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