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Monday, June 16, 2008

VJ’s Classics

It’s ringing in my head, with every alphabet taking the string and striking it with the blow of dissonance. Had it been Robben Ford, my amygdala would have channelized the safe passage and had ‘Let the Baby in’, but a discordant set of curious thoughts doesn’t get a free ride. ‘Is there anybody out there’ that could translate the universally accepted Floyd’s classics in accordance with VJ’s?

I don’t have anything evil in mind when I write this, but I just find it interesting to translate someone else’s thoughts and in conformance with mine. What’s more interesting is that my thoughts don’t differ much with the imaginary consensus that balances the strengths. I never had realized the sheer imagination that can rise through the slumbering monotone of a marketing lecture, but there are a selected few who are potent enough to break the orthodoxy of the nation and become the quintessential example of the rising generation. By the way, I love to rest my ass on the old sofa.

The classics turned out to be the essence of Gen-X’s way of looking at life, and it may just be my gray hair that resists transcending any contemporary thoughts. May be I should just try to be a little flexible and understand the deep rooted philosophy behind the classics, may be I should just stop thinking. Or may be you can decide better.

Take them with a pinch of salt (or rasam, if you insist):

Class –in the cusp of accounting; Surya S. straddling the slides and bleeding the projector...
VJ - Sir, Why do companies work on credit?

Class - especially, the bunch hiding behind the wall, agape...WHAT THE FUCK?
SS - hidden smitten on the face; who on earth can answer that? may be, i will try...
okay, we gave him the benefit of doubt; we didn't know what was in the store and what we will endure for the days to come.

class getting back to the sliding sine wave; a voice erupted...
i don't see anyone,
what's going on...
why did we stop,
why 's Surya s smiling again?

VJ rises from abyss: Sir, why do companies need to re-state their earning (to correct, if they stated it incorrectly)? why can't companies hide it from the investors?

SS, clutching on the mic, trying not to look perturbed. yes, yes, i can answer that...
travail continues... discussion drifted towards invoicing and invoices;
VJ - Sir, what if you loose the invoice of your order?
SS - get a duplicate. are you afraid of calling your vendor to send you a duplicate? oh! reliance connection might not be working.

and the travesty continued...

one more day, one more chance to raise yourself to God-hood. Shareholders seem to be happy that the company is gonna announce huge dividends...

VJ - Sir, who will track and make sure that you receive the dividends?
Excuse me...
where is the leash; snoopy, help me, i need to borrow something today...
SS - own the shares first, you ******; i am not your bloody assistant, who will track your portfolio, if you have one.

then, came a not the usual one...
VJ - Sir, how many companies in the US use LIFO system?
SS - this is not a GK class, remember? FA - getting a cue? in any case, here is the number...
we smirked.

SS showed an example wherein there was no fund impairment in a particular year, but other years had impairment.
Class - deep into the sea of FA and trying to grasp the rooted philosophy.
VJ - sir, why 2006 shows no impairment?
SS - common-sense; heard of it?

on the verge of finishing FA sessions,

Class - happy to be getting away from the distress...
VJ - Sir, if i sign a contract with a customer, do i show it on my revenue account...
guys, close the Ramayana, we gotta get back home; Ravana is not coming back to the home-town.

No negative thoughts; no bad feeling. Chill is the way of life – rock for a blessed few. May be a leash is a better option. Oh! For me.


  • FA was the first encounter with Finance anytime and Accounting is the field where no mistakes are allowed.

    For me the risk was like driving in Formula One for the first time without any insurance.

    Nothing as sinking inside during the classes fortunately got some wisdom on exam day.. still results are awaited.

    Your blog has made the experience immortal.

    Very well captured.

    By Blogger Jai agarwal, at 11:44 AM  

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