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notebook transformation

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

a 'to' z

aesthetic senses blown up high,
berated feelings washed too dry,
cajoling hands makin' you cry,
dwindling care settin' you sigh.

emancipating the dark from inside,
fledgeling thoughts comes by,
gleefully you are on the sky,
harbinger of spring comin' y'r way.

like an icing that don't dry,
the final juggle with the life,
try kindling the spirits high,
letting I [sic] make y'u mine.

i maunder alot that may fray,
sometimes shifts the nauseating vibe,
still ogle to feel the green,
that pollinates across the wood.

not getting into the quarrelsome's fight,
not rendering the respect,
can't satiate the schadenfreude's pride,
can't blend the tout's flight.

clearin' the umbra, making you low,
bringing the vivacious of you f'm inside,
will not welter you any more,
will moisten the xeric thoughts.

always yearn for a proud ride,
not the zenith, but 'll make you rise.


  • ok, this is just what came in mind and i sat down and started writing. to be candid, i can link these to the true feeling, but, in here, there are no feelings invloved. simply a thought of a sleepless mind.

    By Blogger dj, at 11:40 PM  

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