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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

...and the legend lives on

ZZ will remain ZZ in the eyes and hearts of his fans and admirers. No matter what a 30% of French says that he led them to defeat, he will stay a legend and a wonderful player to most of the French and others around the world. A lot has been talked and judged on what happend on the pitch on that fateful day, but the truth may never come out fully. Would he be repeating the same hall-of-shame infront of the media who will make fun out of no reason? I don't believe so, but we would know that in some time.

ZZ was caught in a little bustle in this not so ideal world and that too on his last formal appearance as a French mid-fielder. Marco Meterazzi puked the Italian dirt and got a butt in return. However much he try to come clean out of it, the shadow will follow him; and that's not just for Meterazzi, ZZ too can't come out clean out of what he did on the most watched and admired competition under the sun. Yes, giving the benefit-of-doubt in favor of ZZ will appease a part of the commotion out of the scene, but will never let him hold the Godly status. Well, he can stay demi-god and lead the crowd. And given the fact that Chiraq and the Coach and the team and the host of politicians have given him a clean chit and re-assured that Zidane will remain Zidane because, well, he is Zidane, ZZ will remain a legend for millions.

Zidane has been in the news since 1998's French triumph over the coveted gilded trophy. His two headers against Croatia led the French to the finals; we know the rest. That wasn't just being the French factor, but his adaptability to lead and perform when it was needed the most. We may forgive him of what he did this summer, but who can forget what ZZ is to football? That great control over the ball, that killing of ball after each pass, that finesse in the last minute hit, that coolness over the pitch (well!!), that unnerving presence in the ground can never be forgotten and will be remebered and talked for the decades to come.

What I heard is that he will be setting his career as a coach to the young/emerging teams in France and will help them learn the best from the best. I hope he is able to impart the best of ZZ into the new generation, minus the worst of it. I hope we see more of him in shape of the next generation. I would love if he could bestow the ability to find that extra moment before delivering the ball to his students, but that may just be the innate talent and may just go to bed with him.

ZZ has created an aura over the football world and which will oversee the grace and glory for centuries to come.


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