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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Adieu F1

Finally, he got it straight and decided to move under the shadow of his previous boss 'Ganassi'. He has been a phenomenon on the F1 circuit and would certainly leave a void in the line-up. After his debut in 2001, he rose to the ranks where the likes of Shumi were apprehensive about getting past this guy; the perfect attitude towards the game and spirit to fight till the end made this guy the likeble to all. You like it or not, everyone had a corner that always praised this guy one way or the other.
The sudden exit might have been hastened by the team McLaren pile-up along with other 3 at the Indianapolis this season. But I think he has been feeling the heat from quite some time - from his era with Shumi jr. Long gone the days - I am sure he will find his way up to the elites of the NASCAR where Earnhardt(s) have made home. Well, he can't expect the kind if salary ($12M) that he got as McLaren driver, but would surely find NASCAR more fun and exiting. Finally, that what actually matters. (How big a difference would it be if you get a million less - not a lot to you and me :o)

Good luck to the good guy (Juan Pablo Montoya)! Now, he is free to drive the Ferrari(s).


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