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Saturday, June 21, 2008

and i rest my soul bare...

...may be she attained Moksha and left the cruel world in search of 'the One'.

i feel that she had been waiting for that very moment from the time we entered the dungeon of Mr. F. - our landlord. it's been a hide and seek between the crawlers and nocturnal (my roomie and i). may be we invaded their asylum and threatened their very existence in the age of the worthy - to be MBAs. each day of learning at the school and following night-outs must have invested discomforting thoughts into their ancient, underdeveloped minds that we were The Threat to their very existence. but then they didn't make a move; and didn't even try to shoo out the encroacher. huh! may be they had become the talking-managers and couldn't fight their way out to a conclusion.

shit may be the case, she had to face it eventually, and she paid it dearly. the chirps have died in the dark of the ages and have subsided under the sound of incompetence (or incongruence for the worthy souls). i had it enough of them eating my crump out and creeping me out in the middle of night, and i finally took the gun to shoot them to glory. there dared their way in the line of fire and rested their lives for the One, for her. may be they all ventured to save her (that's how Iris refers it) - the only female cockroach in our washroom. they died one after the other, but they successfully managed to give her an escape route. but the fate had it sounded - she couldn't bear the burden of three dead cockroach souls on her head and, in the morning, we saw her body floating in the bucket, and we penned down the suicide case. may she (they) rest in peace - or piece. Amen!

is there a lesson we can learn out of this, or incubate a business model? i am going nuts!

oh! oh! 'Is it worthy to be a cockroach?' Analyze, criticize...


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