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Friday, June 27, 2008

Get up, stand-up

stand-up for your rights; getup, stand-up, don't give up the fight.

Marley had it; i may have it; there are a few more in the world who dare to have it. ain't there a scale to measure the steps that you walked towards achieving it? you achieve it or not is a separate discussion to have, but what's important is that you set the priorities straight and have straight means to achieve the goal - however much the world tries to pull you and whisk you through Jane Austen's classic (S&S - ?). you hold your ground well and pretend that you didn't feel the weight of 161 feet treading past you.

all what matters in this world is a self-made man, with a 'Made in India' tag on the collar. when everyone around the world is getting fidgety and trying to understand breeding of the Indian thought; when GMR is pulling all the blocks in getting India ready for the world; there comes a thought and rises to the level of godhood. when all (mortal beings) were lost in the silver ledges of Himalayas and trying to find the fickle Musk Deer along the shore of Lake Mansarovar, a mighty blow came from the gorges: what do you say is the probability that an Indian can go to China?

may be that's the reason why there is a cent percent presence in E2. there is only one way to love; and i may be getting to understand it...


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