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Friday, July 18, 2008

I am Sudio

it feels like that i have got a majors in attending the guest lectures already. it seems to be an oxymoron here; guests are, actually, more than guests here; and, if you take my take on this, are no longer welcome here. they seem more prevalent than the real profs - which sometimes seems funny. and if you just go by the sheer quantity (not quality, mind you) of the information and hours thrown upon us, we must have completed three term courses in guest lectures. i am sure, no one bothers to bother about that.

and in the midst of shooting from all GL directions, there comes a running commentary that swayed from corner to corner and faded in the layers of dismay before anyone could understand why something happened that happened. i, for one, was scratching my head since morning as to what Studio presentation was planned for the day. with no cue of what was on the other side of microphone, i head to the lecture room and realized that i had come to the wrong room; for no reason why there should be a number of photographers and cameramen in the room; there was no press conference planned; are the BPR folks working overtime to get some under the table publicity?

well! it didn't turn out to be that way; i was forced to find my way to the dark corner of the room, but there was no escape, any how. the stage was set and the show was on. with all possible means of telecommunication equipments showing their might and being put to full use, the voice seemed transformed into binary codes and made its way to dormant eardrums. it was no less than an elementary Studio setup (which was solidifying my theory of some Studio presentation), but the question was still hanging loose. i was still unsure of why such a show was put up, when a voice rose from the imaginary dais of the Seminar Hall - "I AM SUDIO".

huh? what, what... what's that? did i hear that correctly? who did he say he is? my reynolds pen made its way to clear the wax, but that didn't help. is there a confusion here? is he so nervous that he forgot to put an alphabet at the right place? or, is it a new version of French? i was contemplating and fighting with my head when it came resounding - I am Sudio - without a 'T'. MY! i couldn't say no more...


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