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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

mba blues

after a long jostle with the school's website, adcom's comments, student's interviews when i sit down and try think of the outcome, i find that this is no way turing towards an easy way. there are too many complexities that need to be answered to get into the school. there is not much time left for R2 and there is plenty of research needs to be done before hitting the submitt button.
since morning my head is little shaky and i couldn't concentrate on anything except what is going to happen in next 25 days. sometimes it is scary! but yeah that 's the way it is. each day is the first day of the rest of your life ... ye ye, a distored version from american beauty. but ain't that true?

anyways, there is little much i can think now as i have decided on the schools and their respective elective areas, which will suit me best. isb is kinda over, cmu in on the way, darden - started, cornell is still pending. i guess, i would be able to edit-copy-paste couple of essays from first 2 to the rest.
a day before i talked with the adcom at darden, cornell and cmu and to my ultimate joy! i need not write the toefl if i can get a respectable reco from my manager and can prove that the medium of education was english during my gradution. whoa! sigh of relief. now, i can have a one-eye view on past 01/10 dates. planned for the school visit during first week of feb and will request a formal interview too.

its getting cold down here in tampa; man! we live in florida for a reason. why push us to experience the excruciating weather that my fellows in the north do. huh! what i think! i am gonna go for Tepper-CMU, who's gonna save me there?

and the trial continues...


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