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Thursday, December 23, 2004

the feel good factor

it happened exactly a week back, but I can still see it crisp and hear it loud and clear. I was at her office to discuss some official issue. we were generally talking about the people at office and life outside. and what all each is doing during holidays. i just felt that she was upset with something; she just said that it is just the work pressure and looked at the computer screen as if she is tryin to hide a word. ah! that was a lie.
then she started by saying that is not always easy to manage a team with all the people trying to oppose her for the fact that she is the youngest member in the team. yep, really, she made her way out to this position and she does deserve it. But I also know the reason why other criticize her. She could be too picky sometimes and tries to impose an order on a senior member of the team. well! that doesn't work well all the time.
then out of nowhere she said that she is gonna leave this job and will live a nice life with her family. now, its my time to strenghten her regain --- ok, a little smile. I actually appreciate her helping attitude; i just try to take the good part out of her. but anyway, I like her being there.
I started with saying that it not that the team members hate her, it is just that sometimes they can't take the orders and puke out the not-so-generous gesture. I said, You should try not to be authoritative all the time, but try to convience other of the criticality of the work and the difficult situations you handle. She doesn't seem convienced; she just said that she can't manage when people simply hate her. again, it was my turn to say that she should accept the position as a leader and try to manage it by changing herself a bit. I said, you should work on it everytime you are talking with the team member. and the distress will go in no time.
man! to my bewilderment, i noticed her face getting red, she wasn't directly looking at me, was trying to touch the keyboard for no reason. I didn't know what to say; I could just say that 'yep' you can do it and the very next moment I saw her wiping her tears. i have been to this kind of situation before, but this was different.
and out of nowhere, i said, life is short but sweet for certain - huh! DMB is in my every philosophy of life. And she smiled. wow! I felt relieved and truly happy. at last I suggested her to just say "i will be happy today" to yourself or your kid and you will see that you actually stay happy.

u be fine... my time to leave.

i felt happy from inside for the reason that I made someone smile out of one's distress. Oh! that was a good day!


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