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Friday, December 24, 2004

mba greens

got up in the morning with a heavy head; i think, the final pages of research are getting over my head. it was a pleasant day; not too hot, not too cold. just perfect before the bells starts ringing for Christmas. didn't feel like going to the office, but had to talk to my manager regarding the reco and had to meet my mentor too. the highways were all deserted; it felt like that I was driving around the south rim of the Grand Canyon at 3 in the morning. I felt sad that I am not with my family at this point in time. heck! yeah! reached the parking lot and found a nice place under the shade - again, no one seems coming to the office.
finished early morning replying to the typical queries, still didn't feel like working. talked with my mentor. got some more info about the Cornell - Johnson. decided upon the time to meet with her and discuss about the essays. and at the very moment I thought of telling my boss that I need a half day leave I got an IM that "if you like you can go back home after lunch" whoaaaaaa !!! what else on earth could i asked for.
had lunch at the Subway; reached home; still heavy head; lied down to take a nap that went all the way for 4 hrs. but anyway, i felt better. I just didn't feel like sitting infront of my notebook and review the essays again, so asked my roomie whether he is interested to have mocha at starbucks.
10:30 in the night and I feel all set to research some more on the schools and look at my essays again. but thought of glancing at DaveforMba's and brit chick's blog page. well! what started as 5 min read went all the way for 2 hrs. got a nice link to ISB's blogger's page. you all are just wonderful. there is so much info on these sites that one can't think of getting onto some other site.
i don't know anyone of these, or have ever left a comment on their site, but i just adore the way they come forward to help the prospective candiadates. i can'd believe that i have started to make a little mindset about the colleges after reading these guy's good-bad experiences. oh! well the web has gone too far.


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