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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Women as trailblazers

Well! I started writing about it, but didn't find enough patience to complete in time for SWIM. here it goes...a failed attempt.

Intelegance :Beyond Elegance

If human life can be ruled by reasons, then possibility of life is destroyed. But there has been no greater reason than liberation of women that has ruled the history. With Clara Barton founding the American Red Cross, the era of women leading from the forefront had arrived. From occident to occult, women have made their presence felt to the core of societies. We have come a long way from women suppressed society to an equal opportunity culture wherein women are no longer dream chasers, but are the dream creators. They are the fuel to the intelligent society. A stark shift from a fairer sex to a smarter sex image, the society has finally let dominion give way to the smarter thought.

From the lesser known individuals such as Rashmi Bansal of JAM magazine to the transformational leader such as Aung San Suu Kyi, women have given a new direction to the oppressed society. Society at large has realized the contributions that women have made to the world. The transformation in the thinking of the society and the government is evident from the fact that women participation is encouraged in the bureaucratic setups, businesses and every walk of life. Human mind thinks in a single direction and is resistant to change, but women have given a critical direction to the thoughts and have transformed the thought processes.

i didn't like this one: (One might ask why we don’t see many women forerunners then. I feel that this we would need to come out of our shells for find the answer. Until a few years back, women only provided a conducive environment for society to facilitate innovation, but, now, are increasingly becoming the heart of innovation. From eBay to Lizzat Papad, from Pepsico to Biocon, women have led the transformation strategies and fortified their stance.)

Stand up and thank the woman next to you. Thank her for the meaning that she has given to your life. Thank her for the way she has supported the society. You may not find time to thank her enough.


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