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Sunday, August 03, 2008

they might get it right, eventually

hope is a dangerous thing, but when the next best thing is travesty, i would rather take a step back.

there might be a very bleak chance that turn out in our favor, after all, there is no better way to sit back and see chillax; instead of thrusting the head through the wall of bureaucracy. weak! may be! but there is one thing that they do best at the Guest Lectures Inst of Mgmt and that is its 'namesake'. there would be different perceptions and disparate understanding of the thoughts that go behind formulating a formidable advantage theory. and may be my perceptions lie in resorting shreds of negativity. i swear to my nine year old towel, which embraced the color of my skin, that i pushed myself to limits to comprehend the complex mental process behind the gestation.

but i must congratulate to a few folks whose KPIs would show inflated numbers at the end of the year, but i pity to the thought whose real intent died on the very first day of incubation. a beautiful thought that died on the footpath of a sweltering street. i do commend the efforts that go behind making this happen, but the i believe that thoughts sanity has lost its significance. it seems like it is the only that we are vouching upon and as if things will fall in shambles lest we think logically. on top of that when the herd is flocked into SH, there is only one thing that raises the attention, and that is not the personality with the bouquet in hand.

but in the midst of all the cribbing, there are a few who come to the GL forum and make their mark. i was blessed enough to sit in a few that painted a silver lining on a darkened canvas. somebody should really take a call on what's worth, but i guess many strings go behind the public face of the GLc. i feel that there have been desperate attempts of try out numerous strategies without contemplating on what the institute demands. "a blooming rose can do much better than a bunch of rotten flowers", but, may be, there is more than a management thought that is required to make its way through the smoked glass.


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