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Friday, November 28, 2008

What would you choose?

Success comes to those who dare to challenge the storm. You don’t capture the mast sitting in the comfort of glass cabin ruing about the ethos that faltered along the way, rather you take the plunge clinging to your will and ethics. People unaware of the consequences may seek the right path to success, but the one who is conscious takes everyone towards the course. The given case reflects an interesting scenario that depicts clash of the integral values and mystified thoughts. The world is on a brink of imminent disaster and one wrong move could lead to irrevocable consequences.

Who doesn’t care for a hero in life? It is our natural disposition to seek qualities in others to what we lack and what we aim for. Superman is an immortal idol that humanity looks after to justify the means of the mere existence. It is with unfortunate turn of events that adversity has taken the front row, and has blocked the “free will” to take course. But the belief has not shaken; it has just subsided into the temporal views. Metropolis needs its hero, but the call to the hero has lost its mean in the oblivion of the material life. But as true savior, Superman can’t leave his disciples in the midst of confusion. Tyrant, that Lex Luthor is, can’t lead the fortune of the community into disarray.

Lex is justified in his explanation to himself only. He overreached a state where his decisions matter to no one but himself. With a socially dominant nature, human-beings will suffocate if they were to live away from society’s boundaries. As rules governed by the society fit best to the survival of the human race, vying away from the accepted norms will attract nothing but discomfort. The situation poses a scenario, which may prove fitting in the short term, but the consequences may be dire as the base of human existence is in danger. The social principles are formulated to aid the individuals and not to alienate them from their thought process.

Herd follows a herd. But the most difficult course is to break the herd mentality and make them realize of individual’s potential. Superman will face numerous obstacles and setbacks before he would incite the positive frame of mind, but before that he needs to stand to his conviction and follow what he thinks is well. Everyone loves to see the hero fall, but he is the one who bounces again and regains his mettle. It won’t be easy to bring back the reality to people’s lives, but Superman must be resolute to think in best interest of humanity and drive himself to achieving the right path.

The easiest way for him would be to join the hands with the oppressor and live undifferentiated life of the unknown. Standing there, Superman raised his head following the slow movement of his hand. He is looking directly into Lex’s eyes, but his mind is with the thousands who lost the meaning of life. Umbra of conflicting thoughts is clogging his head, stretching him between unyielding means. He reflects for a moment and picture of his past appears before him. Will he desert everyone who put their faith in him? Won’t he bring the ignorant to light? He looks at Lex again and with a sigh of certitude and says ‘we stand at separated ends of humanity, while you destroy it, I redeem it’.

If I were to align the animated thoughts to real world’s corporate ethos, I would adjudge that every corporate needs a Superman to challenge the inadequacies and repressors of the system. Pillars of success of an organization are supported by a few who believe in empowerment of others and live by the organizational ethics. Organizations often get infected by few greedy individuals who propel an ineffective culture. Organizations without a clear direction lead to unsatisfied employees. Superman of the Will Power, if succumbed to ineffectiveness, would certainly collapse the organization. Unwittingly, the onus comes on to the leaders to guide the best way out.

I believe that the leader is one who introspects clearly to what is desired by others and what is socially acceptable. He is the one who takes the right course even in unfavorable conditions. Organizations may not always know the right path to take and need a leader to drive them past the unknown. Those who dare to confront the inadequacies and unfavorable conditions, lead from the front, and finally, come out winning. Every one of us has a savior within; the key resides in realizing the potential and organizing the positive thoughts. A leader understands that well and believes in making future leaders and not followers.

To conclude, my Superman will stand strong with me and will fight for the values that he committed his life to. A leader stands tall whatever may be consequence and has to courage to take the uncharted course. For one Superman to vanish, many need to rise to take charge for without a leader this world will be a chaotic race. Ethics have prevailed in this society and will stand their ground for the ages to come. A few unsettling thoughts will not shake the very foundation of the society and organizational culture. The future lies in raising more leaders who have the sense of vision and who dare to challenge the storm.


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