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Friday, November 28, 2008

Don't hammer them down.

Non-conformance to the accepted norms has been the law of the entrepreneurial society. I believe that raising your voice for the right reasons should not conform to the traversed path. Every society needs a non-conformist that can revolutionize an idea to lead the path of innovation. From Henry Ford to Mahatma Gandhi, from Galileo to Pt. Nehru, non-conformists treaded the road less travelled to change the face of the society. Furthermore, it is the need of the hour that guides the general belief. That is, norms that fit the society today may not fit it best tomorrow.

I believe that society would rather think rationally given a choice whether to follow the herd or to be critical about generally accepted beliefs. It is rather encouraged in the open societies and corporate cultures to be critical to ideas that may not suit the industry. IT industry, for example, in India changed the perception of the government towards its export oriented outlook. Today, face of modern India portrays a global outlook, which would not have been possible if we had followed the closed policy mindset. It is better to stick out and fail rather than staying put and be ignorant.


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